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Happy Summer to you all!Pansies

watercolor Poppies by carol zink

I have had a busy June with the end of the school year, eighth grade graduation and school parties. However, I have been painting and have included some of my work for you to see. I will continue my usual blog in September.

The painting above is of Poppies. I just love Poppies! I have many memories of them in the French countryside growing wild near the vineyards. This is my first real attempt at a watercolor painting. I’ve always had a fear of watercolor but I put that fear in my pocket and went for it! I think it turned out ok. I started with the old crumbly watercolor paints my dear mom left me. Which was great to start with but now I am getting into it so I went out and got more brushes and paint. Art stores are like candy stores to me. My friend Jean is a watercolor artist and has inspired me to step out of my box. Thanks Jean!

Masai lady
Masai Lady painted by Carol Zink

We went to Kenya, Africa last year in February. One of the places we went was to a a Masai village. We saw so many unbelievable things there. I will continue to blog and paint about it in the future. One of my favorite memories is of this woman. She followed me around, held my hand and made me feel welcome. She didn’t speak a language I could speak but her actions and warm smile made me understand. We are all people living in this world, caring for our children and doing our best. She let me take her photo with her baby. Her and the baby on her back was simply beautiful.


View from Vow by carol zink

This is a painting I blogged about earlier; View from Vow. I am still working on this for my sister and her husband. I have reworked it a little and still am trying to get it balanced.

WC girls on beach

Watercolor by carol zink

This is of my girls! Recently while in California we stopped at Malibu Beach. It was sunny and nice. The girls were running from the waves. After I took some pictures I thought it would be a nice watercolor and I do like it.

WC boat
Watercolor Boat by Carol Zink

I have been trying to do a watercolor a day to help me get this media under control. I really like the boat but the rest of it didn’t turn out. So I cropped it! Must keep trying.

Papa’s beach house by Carol Zink

This one is really special to our family. This is a place my dad owned for years. We would spend long weekends, holidays and birthdays here. It is on Whidbey Island near the ferry docks. At night we would roast marshmallows and watch the ferry traffic and see an occasional sealion. This is a practice painting and I have another one I will show you next.

papa'sbeachhouse2 Papa’s beach house 2 by Carol Zink

This is the second beach house painting. The first one was too much paint so I toned down the color and worked on the house more. I think I like the look of this one better. I still have some of the house to do and other spots. I want to bring out the chairs in the front more and make it richer in color.

I gave this to my dad for Father’s day. I did so because that house was special. I really felt that I was able to get closer to him because of that place. I know my children feel close to papa and their aunties, uncles and cousins because of it. It is one of those “heart treasures.” Thanks Dad!

I hope you like my work! Have a great summer and I will be back in full swing soon. If you are interested in keeping an eye on my progress please visit my Facebook page.