Welcome to Peintuere de la Vie!

This is my first blog ever! Welcome.
I am an aspiring, wannabe, wishful, hopeful artist. I am not a young girl but I feel like one. We have lived in Paris, France for the last seven and a half years. We loved living in France. There were times we wondered what the heck we were doing there but still left loving it. We all miss it terribly. We recently moved to Chicago and finding that a fun big city as well; more on that later.
This picture is a painting my mother did of me in my early twenties. I was in Hawaii with my dad, sisters and brother. My mother was a wonderful artist and painted marvelous paintings. Although, I don’t remember having such swoopy hair; it was the early 90’s so I probably did. She died suddenly in 2007 but she is still here in spirit. Now I am starting my own journey in art and life. I have to admit my life journey has been amazing.  One would call it a trip or a ride. Like a roller coaster but one with luxurious stops along the crazy loops and drops.  I have been blessed with a wonderful family, husband and children. In my blog I will talk about the likeness with art and life. Hence the name of the blog; Peinture de la vie. In French it means “life art” or “art of life” as I like to think of it. So, this blog will be about my art journey and of course what happens to my life during the process. Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!